Driving Value from 15 million members and increasing account openings

Data Insights, Brand Narrative Development, Podcasting and Live Events

Working across the Brand marketing and communications team, MARKETTIERS4DC have multiple touch points:

Data insights – Censuswide is retained for research insights and measurement, alongside working with their in-house data, which is then used to shape content development.

Brand narrative development – alongside managing the Member Talkback sessions with the CEO, the Member Engagement Hub (which MARKETTIERS4DC built and developed) to deliver video and audio content which contains all back-end data to see engagement rates and feedback.

Podcasting – the podcast strategy is developed for driving customer engagement up, with focus on ROI< measurement and optimisation

Live streaming – boosting 5 dedicated studios and network of producers worldwide.

  • Internal & External communication stakeholders focusted on Growth and ROI
  • – Development & implementation of member management portal to ommunicatie with 15 Million Member base
  • – 6 years of Live streaming AGM with CEO stakeholder

“It’s been a pleasure working with you and everyone at TTI this year and I’m really proud of all we have achieved together engaging with almost 7,000 members across nearly 40 virtual events! I look forward to working with you in 2022.

Hayley Taylor
Senior Engagement and Events Manager