Consistently driving adviser engagement, recruitment and revenue

Data Insight, Content Strategy, Broadcast Media Relations, Podcasting, Virtual Events and Livestream

MARKETTIERS4DC a multiple of different Quilter divisions within the marketing teams across each part of the business, such as Quilter Private Clients, Quilter Cheviot & Quilter Financial Planning.

Data insights – Brand sentiment survey’s via Opinion matters to test Quilter Financial Planning podcast series. Market research into Quilter’s Customers And adviser base.

Content strategy – Supported Quilter on their marketing strategy by acting as an extension of the team, from promoting the Virtual Events we put on for them to raising the profile of funds and their regional offices.

Broadcast Media Relations – Ran successful campaigns that achieved coverage across stations such as Sky News Radio, which garnered covered across at least 89 stations and a reach of over 2,162,529.

Podcasting – We have developed the strategy and produced the series for Quilter’s Beyond The Balance sheet podcast series. This included managing the promotional strategy, selecting appropriate media partners, podcast partners and influencers to share the content with the desired audience.

Virtual Events and Livestreams – Responsible for all of Quilter’s production across the group, providing both the technological expertise and the strategy for the most effective results. This included Q&As and lead-generation webinars across an array of topics.

  • – The podcast series had an average consumption rate of 78%.
  • – Over 94% of listeners said they are likely to seek out and listen to another episode of Beyond The Balance Sheet.
  • 72% of listeners are more likely to think of Quilter Financial Planning the next time they are considering/if they were to consider moving their business of joining a new network.

“We wanted to make Beyond The Balance Sheet different and appeal to listeners outside of the financial services industry. The expertise, dedication and outstanding production standards provided by M4DC have helped us achieve our goals and create something truly unique.

Fiona Nicolson
CMO, Quilter