Rosetta Stone

Driving ROI from new audiences

Data Insight & Market Research across EMEA, Broadcast Media Relations in UK , Netherlans and Germany, Podcasting and YouTube innovation

MARKETTIERS4DC work directly with VC owned Rosetta Stone’s Global Head of Marketing we are responsible for their communications strategy and Operates as their only European Communications agency.

Data insights & market research  – Brand sentiment tracking through bi-annual research into the brand awareness of Rosetta Stone in the UK and Germany, as well as market research that provides in depth insights.

Broadcast Media Relations – Responsible for leading the strategy and devising the narratives on all broadcast media relations activity in the UK and Germany, delivering both broadcast and online campaigns.

Podcasting – We have developed the strategy and produced the content across both video and audio for their podcast series More Than Words, Rosetta Stone’s first ever podcast series.

Video – We have  created a video content series specifically for YouTube and other social channels delivering better Roi than any other media channel.

  • – 126% increase in overall audio podcast downloads, driving 60% improvement in ROI.
  • – 300% increase of podcast downloads vs first series (2019) over the same period since launching
  • 39 items of coverage across TV and radio outlets
  • – Total  audience reach of >73,119,593

“It’s been a real adventure working with M4DC on our podcast strategy and the production of two series. The team truly feels like an extension of our team and is just as dedicated to create content that is interesting, educational and fun for our audience. By working together we have been able to establish long-term partnerships with highly influential and credible hosts and guests; from a polyglot, TV host & language expert, to university professors. With our podcast series, we have built an environment where they can dive into language related topics, have open discussions and share their knowledge. I look forward to creating the next series!

Miriam Melchers
Global Head of Marketing, Rosetta Stone