Slater + Gordon

Bringing new customers from targeted media relations and podcast storytelling

Data Insight & Market Research, Broadcast Media Relations, Podcasting and Video Working across the Brand marketing and communications team, MARKETTIERS4DC have numerous touch points

History  –  Slater + Gordon have retained markettiers4DC on Broadcast strategy since 2012.

Podcast development – markettiers created a unique customer engagement strategy to improve current and future ROI.

Measurement – The Case Files podcast to be the most efficient channel for S+G to drive new customer engagement and positive sentiment.

Results – The Case Files reached number one in True Crime on Apple podcasts and is S+G’s the most successful Customer engagement initiative in a decade.

Broadcast Media Relations – Develop go to status for UK media for S+G spokespeople on all legal matters.

  • – The Case Files podcast positioned no1. in Apple True Crime charts.
  • – 70% After listening would consider contacting Slater + Gordon, if they require legal services in the future.
  • 59% of listeners now view lawyers more positively.

“In my role at Slater and Gordon our customers often have stories they want to tell. And my team do a fantastic job of facilitating that. They work with journalists across TV, radio and newspapers delivering coverage every day to highlight campaigns and issues our clients are passionate about. But these channels can be frustratingly limited.
The time and the space afforded by the podcast format means that stories get the space to breathe. Listeners get to go beyond headlines and the thirty second soundbites. They get to understand the who, what, where, why and how in a medium that doesn’t rush or demand images.

Alison Jackson-Carter
Head of Media & Communications Slater & Gordon