Video Podcasting to drive Internal Communication Globally

Strategic, creative, data and technology development

Unilever’s Leadership Executive, lead by their Chief Operating Officer asked us to curate and distribute circa 100 internal video assets, recorded during lockdown.

We saw the opportunity to create both audio and visual podcast assets, which could be used to reach around 155,000 staff. They gave us just 10 days to pull it off.

Unilever trusted us to create an internal communications strategy, which saw the evolution of their Ted-U site into a podcast hosting space. We re-designed and built a SharePoint site on the Unilever internal infrastructure, featuring a number of custom design areas including the RSS feed, sync-able content calendar, podcast ranking system and comments section.

We then designed new imagery, graphics and branding, while editing over 50 video and audio podcasts.


  • – 50 video and audio podcasts

Reached Globally

  • – Unilever’s global leadership team to communicate, unite and celebrate with their 155,000 employees around the world.

Excellent satisfaction

  • – The Club-U podcast now plays an integral role in Unilever’s internal communications strategy, and is informing future thinking about spreading the content to external audiences as part of thought leadership campaigns.